Young children (under 6 years old)

Issues including behavior concerns, problems with peers or school, sleeping/eating/routine challenges, parenting support, trauma/loss including exposure or witness to violence or accidents.


Youth and family therapy (includes working with children 6+)

Issues including behavior concerns, problems with peers or school, family stress or conflict, support for children and parents working through divorce or separation, or other issues. Includes working with children who are older than 5 in collaboration with their parents or caregivers.



Depression, anxiety, grief and loss, life transitions, divorce, LGBTQ, feeling stagnant, goal-setting, trauma or other issues.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy can include working on processing affairs, life transitions, communication, preparing for divorce, and increasing differentiation of self so each person in the relationship has space to grow while staying connected. 


Workshops, groups, classes and speaking engagements

Stay tuned for updates when we hold classes, groups, or when one of our therapists is giving a talk in the community.

Virtual therapy

Virtual sessions delivered via secure video conferencing. Most insurances do not cover this service; please inquire with our office for details. 


Consultation for therapists starting a private practice

Lindsay is available to meet with therapists who are looking to start a private practice. Lindsay offers 1:1 sessions to clarify professional identity and purpose, and move through the practical steps of starting your own practice. Email or call Lindsay to discuss whether you're looking to get your PLLC set up, or need help getting started with the idea of having your own business.


Clinical Supervision

Individual and small group consults available in Woodinville or via secure video conferencing for therapists seeking supervision as part of the licensure process.